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MIXTAPE MADNESS: Heavyweight Division presents “Round 1″

Brooklyn, NY- Dave Gee and MC Diggadee have teamed up to form Heavy Weight Division and bring you “Round 1.” While they are known to perform together live, this is the first official mix from these partners in grime.  “Round 1″ is a high speed ride through a dark world of bass and powerful beats.  It consists of various unreleased tracks from some of the genres most prolific producers as well as the Cops remix by Dave Gee & Trigon ft. DZ.

The DJ/MC Dubstep duo have had a busy year between playing dozens of shows up and down the East Coast including Winter Music Conference and Starscape and making their way out to Puerto Rico and Paris in the last several months but when they’re at home in Brooklyn, they hold down a residency at Brooklyn’s premier dubstep monthly, Dark Room.

Heavy Weight Division Round 1 by Dave GEE & MC Diggadee

With residencies at Dark Room and Dub Nation, original tunes in the works, and a rapidly growing show schedule, this is an act to keep an eye on heading into the new year.

Leah Piepgras- Pearl Necklace #2

FOR THE LADIES: Designer Leah Piepgras creates an accurate "pearl necklace"

Dorechester, MA- Used as a slang term, giving a girl a “pearl necklace” has been around for a long time, but you definitely wouldn’t normally wear it around on a night out on the town. So designer Leah Piepgras took it upon herself to create an accurate one. The blob shaped sterling silver piece is based off the real thing and retailing for $420 directly from her site.

Leah Piepgras- Pearl Necklace #1

As a guy, I get the reference and find humor/wit in this piece, but it begs the question, would any ladies really rock this piece as part of their day-to-day or is this a really expensive gag gift (no pun intended).


Apple bringing MIDI support to iOS 4.2

Cupertino, CA- Apple continually seems to have its thumb on the pulse of the creative community and since the release of the Apple iPad, music producers and hobbyists around the world have been feverishly coming up with new innovations to take advantage of the multi-touch screen and the portability that comes with the device.

The latest announcement that iOS 4.2, the OS release said to finally bridge the gap between Apple handheld and tablet devices, will be able to take full advantage of Apple’s Core MIDI framework and give users 2 new uses:

  1. WiFi MIDI, via Apple’s proprietary implementation, which should allow communication with other Apple handhelds and Macs, though it probably won’t support other devices. (WiFi is a common standard, but the way MIDI is transmitted over it is not necessarily so.)
  2. USB MIDI support for class-compliant devices, using the iPad Camera Connection Kit’s USB adapter.

So enough of the tech-speak…WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT?!

Well, for starters, we’ve been covering the use of OSC to do cool stuff like this for some time and apparently companies like guitar FX company, Line 6 with their MIDI Mobilizer (that also supports iPhone) are also starting to enter the fray with their own interpretations of what can be done with this technology.

If any of you out there get a chance to experiment with this stuff, we’d love to hear your feedback!

SOURCE: Create Digital Music


Töken Multi-Touch Interface Changing the DJ Game!

CHILE-  A man by the name of Rodrigo Campos has designed what could quite possibly be the coolest design for a digital DJ setup that we’re ever seen. The Töken Mutli-touch pedestal uses a rear-projector enabled sheet of glass and just like an iPad, accepts touch inputs that can be used to control software.

Outside of what was used for the video elements, the other construction details are hard to come by at this point; what got our attention, however, is the way Rodrigo combines Töken with a Traktor Pro controller titled Emulator, turning an otherwise boring DJ experience into something that looks straight out of Minority Report!

Check out this amazing video: