Mr. Moroder In The Studio

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: Giorgio Moroder: The Beginning 1969-1979

There are no words to describe this genius!  He is one of world’s best known innovators composing dance, film, pop and other musical forms.  Giorgio can take you on a visual and musical expression journey like no other can.

Moroder Promo Video

The Italian born musician recorded under the name “Giorgio” since 1966, but got his first hit with “Looky Looky” in 1969, a bubble gum pop song with a catchy riff that makes you sing “Ah-OOO-Ma-Ma…Pa-Pa-Oooh-Ma-­Ma-Ma”!!!  Around the same time he sang a song called “Son Of My Father”, although it was a hit, the song was in Italian. In 1972, a band named Chicory Tip scored a hit with it sung in English.  The song was one of first early forms of a synth driven music.

Giorgio was a music making machine releasing albums “Giorgio’s Music” (1974), “Einzelganger” (1975) and  1976′s “Knights in White Satin” under Giorgio Moroder, but his career exploded with the birth of Disco.  His synths took him to great heights with the release of “From Here To Eternity” which was a huge success in 1977.  During his time at Casablanca records, his most notable work is with Disco Diva Donna Summer creating such classics as “Love To Love You Baby” and the anthem “I Feel Love.

The following year he composed the soundtrack to the locked up abroad nightmare “Midnight Express”.  If you ever saw this film, the music creates an intensified vision of the eerie trip of Turkey’s notorious prison.  The composition got him an Academy Award for best musical score in 1978.  During his projects he produced a group called the Munich Machine, which gave us the disco club classic “Get On The Funk Train”.  Munich Machine released three albums under the Casablanca label during the 1977-1979.   He also managed to squeeze in another release “Giorgio Moroder’s E=MC²” in 1979.


The year is 1980, from here on in; bands came up from nowhere emulating his style!!  A new era, new technology, new music genres emerge, but that’s a different story!!!

Join me next week for Part 2 of Giorgio in the 80’s and beyond.  For now, enjoy the video and the music links for you uploaded by yours truly.

Peace for now and see you next week on the FLLLLLLLLASSSSSHBACCCK!!


From Here To Eternity




Griid touch controller for IOS raising bar for Ableton users

San Francisco- You know that the team here is super hype on all things music tech related, so when we saw a post from Dubspot talking about using Mac OSX Automator to fire up different things in Ableton, we had to see what was up.

While the article itself is pretty interesting, the thing that jumped out at us was a slick looking IOS app called Griid.

While we haven’t had a chance to play with this yet (if any of you have, please let us know what you think!), the concepts behind this application are interesting and look like they could play a major part in anyone’s Live setup.

Griid is comprised of 3 primary modules (descriptions taken from Liine’s website):

  1. Miixer
    • “Miixer introduces track based navigation: any fader on any track in any combination. Options include ultra-fine resolution and volume limiting.”
    • Features:
      • Track based navigation: choose any fader on any track.
      • Miixer button: show/hide all faders.
      • Support for the maximum number of sends in Ableton Live.
      • Variable precision fading.
      • Option to limit volume at 0dB.
      • Absolute or relative touch mode for all faders.
      • Fader size matches zooming in clip grid.
      • Stereo Loudness Indicators on each track.
  2. Tutorial Video for Miixer:

  3. Cliip
    • “The Cliip step sequencer module allows you to create and edit Ableton Live MIDI clips directly on the iPad or iPhone screen.”
    • Features:
      • Piano roll with zoomable keyboard and timeline.
      • Percussive mode for short notes and Melodic mode with two finger note length gesture.
      • Snap and fine modes. Snap note position (or note end) to the grid, or use fine mode to add some groove.
      • Drag up the velocity lane and add dynamics to your music.
      • Copy and paste functions allow you to copy the contents of one clip to another.
      • Duplicate function allows you to duplicate and extend the current loop (e.g. to copy a loop 4 times so that you can add a variation on the 4th loop).
      • Clear all.
      • Remotely create new MIDI clip.
      • Hide/show velocity panel with toggle.
      • Note names shown on all white keys.
  4. Tutorial Video for Cliip:

  5. Griid
    • “The core Griid clip launcher module is the most fluid and reliable clip grid controller for Ableton Live. If you want the best controller on the market for launching clips, you need Ableton on your mind and Griid on your iPad.”
    • Features:
      • 11 x 11 clip grid in landscape; 8 x 16 in portrait on iPad.
      • 6 x 6 clip grid in landscape; 4 x 8 in portrait on iPhone and iPod Touch.
      • Fluid clip and scene launching and stopping.
      • Full clip information: name, color, playing status, loop/one-shot position.
      • Track names, scene names and scene colors.
      • Smooth inertia scrolling.
      • Whole Live set Overview mode. Move anywhere with a tap.
      • Tap track header to show playing clip.
      • Group track support.
      • Clip grid independently zoomable in track and scene dimensions.
      • Large font mode.
      • Enable/disable scene launching.
      • Dedicated safe space for scrolling in the scene area.
      • BPM scene names highlighting.

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