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Compression SF is back with another installment THIS FRIDAY!

Compression SF aka The Bay Area Bass Beasts, are back in full E-FF-E-C-T here in San Francisco, bringing nothing but the dirty business & banging beats to the hallowed halls of legendary dance club, 1015 Folsom (aka 103 Harriet).

This time around, wer’e bringing up LA’s own DJ Machete along with SF to LA transplant Gridlok along with some special help in the dubstep room, featuring DJ’s:

  • Gridlok (Project 51 / Virus LA)
  • Machete (Junglist Platoon / Respect LA)
  • DZ (Bad Man Press / Surefire)
  • Ill-Esha (Glitch Hop Forum / BluSaphir Records)
  • The Doctor (Trauma / Primitive Science)
  • The Heights (Shelter / BADNB)
  • Hadji (Shift Recordings / Stupid Fly)
  • Arson ( / Extortion Sound)
  • Peter B (Shelter / Odyssey)

Along with MCs: Zezo One (The Birthday Boy turnin another year older) & MC Duh (Crazy Drunken Styles upon Styles)

You can cop pre-sales over @ Compression SF (online) or Lower Hater (Haight & Steiner SF)