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TECH TALK: Ableton & Serato to release new software

UPDATE: The wait is over!!! According to, the new product is officially named “The Bridge”.

ABLETON TO SERATO: “The Bridge provides Ableton Transport Control (ATC), giving you turntable-style control of your own multitrack productions. Simply drag an Ableton Live Set to a deck in Scratch Live or ITCH and use your turntables, CDJ or ITCH controller to control the transport. With ATC, Scratch Live or ITCH provides your productions with deck control, mixing, nudging and DJ style looping, while you can remix, mute/solo tracks, use virtual instruments, change drum patterns, manipulate audio, tweak effects and launch loops on the fly in Ableton Live.”

SERATO TO ABLETON: “Play your mix rather than cut and paste in a DAW. Forget about having to start a mixtape from scratch because of a mistake at minute fifty-nine. The Bridge is the ultimate mixtape creation tool, letting you export your Scratch Live or ITCH mix as an Ableton Live set. Depending on your Serato hardware setup, fader movements, EQ tweaks and Crossfader cuts on your DJ mixer are recorded as automation and can be edited after the tape stops rolling.”

The Bridge is free for anyone who owns both:

  • A registered version of Serato Scratch Live or ITCH hardware and
  • Ableton Live 8 or Suite 8

Check out the video after the jump to see what the hype is all about:

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