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Mare139′s “B-line” B Boy Line Art Exhibit

Jersey City- You might not know Carlos Rodriguez, but if you are into graffiti art, then you’re definitely going to know the name “Mare139″.

His latest show, “B-Line” is a pretty sick example of how you can take graffiti art to the next level beyond the aerosol world and see it translate into the fine arts scene quite nicely.

Editor’s note: Sorry folks, this show ran last year, we got our dates & info mixed up…but it’s still a dope series.

Street art legend Banksy makes big screen debut at Sundance

For those of us in that walk the line between the streets and the rest of the world, graffiti has a special place in our hearts. For some of us, it’s the sheer rush of getting up on a wall and coming back by to see that tag or having one of your friends call you and say they spotted it. For others, it’s the end-all/be-all ultimate freedom of artistic expression without boundaries or rules.

Still-from-the-Banksy-fil-001From illegally hanging pieces of his art inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (which stayed put for 3 days until the adhesive started slipping), to the numerous pieces throughout the UK and Europe that grace the most unlikely of places, it becomes obvious from his work that “Banksy” is “C) All of The Above“.

Now he’s taken his art from the galleries & streets to make his debut on the big screen during last month’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Flashback Friday: Goldie rockin the spray cans

Most folks outside of the UK only know Goldie as the bad boy DnB DJ,  head of Metalheadz or maybe have possibly seen him in a movie or two. Those in the know however, can point to many places throughout the UK where Goldie’s influence of art, design & music was felt long before Jungle/Dnb ever had come to be…

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