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Mr. Moroder In The Studio

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: Giorgio Moroder: The Beginning 1969-1979

There are no words to describe this genius!  He is one of world’s best known innovators composing dance, film, pop and other musical forms.  Giorgio can take you on a visual and musical expression journey like no other can.

Moroder Promo Video

The Italian born musician recorded under the name “Giorgio” since 1966, but got his first hit with “Looky Looky” in 1969, a bubble gum pop song with a catchy riff that makes you sing “Ah-OOO-Ma-Ma…Pa-Pa-Oooh-Ma-­Ma-Ma”!!!  Around the same time he sang a song called “Son Of My Father”, although it was a hit, the song was in Italian. In 1972, a band named Chicory Tip scored a hit with it sung in English.  The song was one of first early forms of a synth driven music.

Giorgio was a music making machine releasing albums “Giorgio’s Music” (1974), “Einzelganger” (1975) and  1976′s “Knights in White Satin” under Giorgio Moroder, but his career exploded with the birth of Disco.  His synths took him to great heights with the release of “From Here To Eternity” which was a huge success in 1977.  During his time at Casablanca records, his most notable work is with Disco Diva Donna Summer creating such classics as “Love To Love You Baby” and the anthem “I Feel Love.

The following year he composed the soundtrack to the locked up abroad nightmare “Midnight Express”.  If you ever saw this film, the music creates an intensified vision of the eerie trip of Turkey’s notorious prison.  The composition got him an Academy Award for best musical score in 1978.  During his projects he produced a group called the Munich Machine, which gave us the disco club classic “Get On The Funk Train”.  Munich Machine released three albums under the Casablanca label during the 1977-1979.   He also managed to squeeze in another release “Giorgio Moroder’s E=MC²” in 1979.


The year is 1980, from here on in; bands came up from nowhere emulating his style!!  A new era, new technology, new music genres emerge, but that’s a different story!!!

Join me next week for Part 2 of Giorgio in the 80’s and beyond.  For now, enjoy the video and the music links for you uploaded by yours truly.

Peace for now and see you next week on the FLLLLLLLLASSSSSHBACCCK!!


From Here To Eternity



"I am the greatest bass player in the world"Jaco Pastorius

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!!! Jaco Pastorius: King Of The Electric Bass

LIVE FROM NYC- I first got introduced to Jaco Pastorius several years ago when a close friend wanted a couple of albums converted to MP3.  He gave me 3 albums to transfer, but for some reason, this one album was just calling me – Jaco Pastorius self titled album on Epic Records released in 1976.  I knew he played for Weather Report, but I never looked into his solo or guest appearance credits.  I was in for a treat once I played the first track “Donna Lee” originally played by Charlie Parker.


"I am the greatest bass player in the world"Jaco Pastorius

Before recording with Weather Report he released this album, which had special guest such as Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Hubert Laws, Narada Michael Walden, David Sanborn, Wayne Shorter, just to name a few.  The list features the best in jazz during a time where everyone’s outlet was music and everything was groundbreaking.

In 1977 Jaco joined jazz fusion band Weather Report and blew the world apart with the album “Heavy Weather” their most successful album ever!  Jaco continued to record with Weather Report until 1982.  During the times with Weather Report, Jaco would dabble in heavy drugs where friends noticed his erratic behavior when in the studio.  Jaco was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  His health started to deteriorate and by 1986 he was living on the streets of New York City.  With the help of his ex wife and friends he was back home in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1987.  He got into a fight with a bouncer at a club where he received multiple facial fractures and a broken arm.  He fell into coma and the great bass legend passed away on September 21, 1987, aged 35.

Jaco played a fretless bass!!!  Guitar frets are the strips made of stainless steel or nickel alloy embedded along the fretboard (in simple terms the neck) located at exact points that divide the scale length in accordance with a specific mathematical formula. A fretless bass??!!  Do you know what that means?  It means freedom, the freedom to create your own style.  He had such a unique style of playing, a bit avant garde, but with structure.  He’s one of those guys where it’s hard to describe and if you love music like I do, then no matter what background you will appreciate his style.  The tones and intricate fast pace picks changed the bass world forever.

Jaco’s the father of all electric bass players!!

Here’s the link to his album “Jaco Pastorius” uploaded by yours truly:

URL: Jaco Pastorius- “Jaco Pastorius”


FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: The Scientist…Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires

LIVE FROM NYC- In 1960, Kingston Jamaica gave birth to one of the most influential dub fathers in Reggae music, Hopeton Brown AKA “The Scientist”.  Being introduced to electronics from his father, Hopeton began building his own amplifiers and buying transformers from King Tubby’s Dromilly Road Studio.  After numerous requests Hopeton begged King Tubby to give him a shot to mix down a record and so the story begins. By 1979 he left King Tubby Studio to be the principal engineer for Joseph Hoo Kim’s Channel One Studio where he met Volcano Records founder Henry “Junjo” Laws.  By 1980 he started to produce albums backed by The Roots Radics.

Dub music strictly emphasizes on the drum and the bass of reggae music with added effects of echoing, reverb and voice dubbing.  There are two albums that made me appreciate Scientist’ style, but since I can only pick one to review, it has to be – “Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampire”.   If you are not a dub listener, this is a great entry-level album for the untrained ear!  From the minute you put on the cd or the record and play the first track “Voodoo Curse” you hear an evil laugh and then all of a sudden out of the sky…..BOOOM!!!  HERE COMES THAT BASSLINE THAT DRAWS YOU IN!!! Every track on this album has a catchy groove and it’s so hypnotizing!! By the time you hit the track “The Mummy’s Shroud”, you will be in a world where it’s just you, the sounds coming out of your speakers, and the next track that makes you wish you were in a room filled with smoke hanging with people lost in the echoing sounds of the drum and bass.

Five songs off the album are also featured on Grand Theft Auto 3 – San Andreas on K-Jah Radio.  Since the birth of dub, it has basically influenced all the genres of music – Hip Hop, Jungle/Drum and Bass, Techno, House, Dubstep, Rock, and even post punk acts such as The Clash have experimented with Dub, check out The Clash “Magnificent Seven” if you don’t believe me!!  Without dub music we wouldn’t have a lot of the music that influences us today.

Thank God for the Scientist, King Tubby, Lee Perry and the rest I forgot to mention because without them we wouldn’t be DJ’s and producers.

Here’s the full album uploaded by yours truly Sir Golden Child:

URL: The Scientist- Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires


MIXTAPE MADNESS: Kid Sister ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss Mixtape’

Chicago- Fools Good Diva/Darling Kid Sister is back with a bangin’ mixtape featuring remixes from Caspa & Laidback Luke and a feature from none other than Gucci Mane!

You know you wanna grab this right now and let it bump wherever you are (so go do it!)…

KId Sister Kiss Kiss Kiss MIxtape


01. Kissin-tro
02. Kiss Kiss Kiss
03. Work Them
04. Green Velvet – Everybody Wants
05. Carte Blanche – Do! Do! Do! (Original / Laidback Luke Remix)
06. Daydreaming (Douster Remix)
07. Lookout Weekend f. Nina Sky
08. Gucci Rag Top f. Gucci Mane
09. Click Clack (Show It Off)
10. Don’t Stop Movin
11. Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
12. Paul Wall – Imma Get It
13. Jo-DE-Ci f. DJ Gant-Man

Download the entire mixtape here for free:


MIXTAPE MADNESS: Mad Decent & Diplo present “Blow Your Head”

Perennial party fave and recent Blackberry commercial star, Diplo is back with another mix to keep your head nodding and fill with bass heavy goodness to help celebrate his latest release “Blow Your Head Vol 1 –  Dubstep“. While the mix may not appeal to the hardcore trainspotters, we think this one helps illustrate why the dubstep sound has so much crossover appeal.

Big shouts to the family over at Mad Decent for blessing us with another banger!

DIPLO: Blow Your Head Mix:

  1. Girl Unit – Wut
  2. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Boregore Remix)
  3. Claire Mcguire – Aint No Body(Breakage Remix)
  4. Ryan Red – D.I.R.T.
  5. Blue Foundation – Eye On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)
  6. Earz Experiment and DJ Kayper – Engine
  7. Diplo FT. Lil Jon – U Don’t Like Me
  8. Rusko-Cockny Thug (Caspa Remix VIP)
  9. Skream – Raw Dogz
  10. Dr P – Big Boss
  11. DJ Fresh – Gold Dust(Flux Pavillion Remix)
  12. 12th Planet – Reasons (Dr P Mix)
  13. Ginz and Joker – Re-Up
  14. Borgore – Guided Relaxation
  15. Bar 9 – Piano Tune
  16. Crystal Method – Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
  17. DZ and Kozee – Crack VIP
  18. Trey Songs- Bottoms Up Acca
  19. Alix Perez – Untitled
  20. Goth Trad – Smokin’ Water
  21. Orbatak – NRG
  22. Skream – Love The Way
  23. Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
  24. Milanese – the END (Untold Remix)
  25. Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman Remix)

Mix courtesy of

heavyweight cover copy

MIXTAPE MADNESS: Heavyweight Division presents “Round 1″

Brooklyn, NY- Dave Gee and MC Diggadee have teamed up to form Heavy Weight Division and bring you “Round 1.” While they are known to perform together live, this is the first official mix from these partners in grime.  “Round 1″ is a high speed ride through a dark world of bass and powerful beats.  It consists of various unreleased tracks from some of the genres most prolific producers as well as the Cops remix by Dave Gee & Trigon ft. DZ.

The DJ/MC Dubstep duo have had a busy year between playing dozens of shows up and down the East Coast including Winter Music Conference and Starscape and making their way out to Puerto Rico and Paris in the last several months but when they’re at home in Brooklyn, they hold down a residency at Brooklyn’s premier dubstep monthly, Dark Room.

Heavy Weight Division Round 1 by Dave GEE & MC Diggadee

With residencies at Dark Room and Dub Nation, original tunes in the works, and a rapidly growing show schedule, this is an act to keep an eye on heading into the new year.


MIXTAPE MADNESS!!! The Rub presents “History of Hiphop 2000″

Brooklyn- If there’s one party throughout NYC that gets a nod of respect from every spectrum of the Hip Hop world, it’s definitely “The Rub” at Southpaw in Park Slope.

Whether it’s their parties or the mixes tha DJs Ayres, Eleven and Cosmo Baker are consistently droppin’ on heads, they come with a slice for everyone to rock their body. They’re been dropping their History of Hip Hop series of mixes for a minute now (you need to cop the older mixes, seriously…) and they’re back with the Year 2000 mixed by Cosmo Baker.

It’s one hell of a tracklist, so throw this on and enjoy the ride!

The Rub “History of Hip-Hop 2000″
Mixed By Cosmo Baker


Artwork by Rhek of Sharks & Hammers


  1. OutKast “So Fresh, So Clean”
  2. Beanie Sigel “The Truth”
  3. Shyne “Bad Boyz feat. Barrington Levy”
  4. Fatlip “What’s Up Fatlip”
  5. Aaliyah “Come Back In One Piece feat. DMX”
  6. DJ Shadow “Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip-Hop”
  7. Ghostface Killah “Apollo Kids feat. Raekwon”
  8. Jay-Z “1-900-Hustler feat. Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Memphis Bleek”
  9. Ruff Ryders “WW III feat. Yung Wun, Snoop Dogg, Scarface & Jadakiss”
  10. Next “Jerk feat. 50 Cent”
  11. Prodigy “Keep It Thoro”
  12. The Beatnuts “No Escapin’ This”
  13. Philly’s Most Wanted “Cross The Border”
  14. Nelly “E.I.”
  15. Cocoa Brovaz “Super Brooklyn”
  16. Scarface “They Down With Us feat. UGK”
  17. D’Angelo “Devil’s Pie”
  18. Big L “Holdin’ It Down feat. Stan Spit, A.G. & Miss Jones”
  19. Drag-On “Spit These Bars”
  20. Black Rob “I Dare You feat. Joe Hooker”
  21. Busta Rhymes “Fire”
  22. Milano “Rep For The Slums”
  23. Slum Village “Players”
  24. Erick Sermon “So Sweet feat. Eazy-E”
  25. De La Soul “Oooh feat. Redman”
  26. M.O.P. “Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)”
  27. Royce Da 5′9″ “Boom”
  28. Kardinal Offishall “Ol’ Time Killin’”
  29. Reflection Eternal “The Blast”
  30. J-88 “The Look Of Love Pt. 1″
  31. Guru “Hustlin’ Daze feat. Donell Jones”
  32. Screwball “H-O-S-T-Y-L-E”
  33. Snoop Dogg “Lay Low feat. Butch Cassidy, Master P, Nate Dogg & Tha Eastsidaz”
  34. Rah Digga “Tight”
  35. Mya “Best Of Me Remix (Holla Remix feat. Jay-Z)”
  36. Jay-Z “Change The Game feat. Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek”
  37. Beanie Sigel “What A Thug About”
  38. Slum Village “Raise It Up”
  39. OutKast “Ms. Jackson”
  40. Common “The Light”
  41. Big Pun “It’s So Hard feat. Donell Jones”
  42. Big Pun “100%”
  43. Ludacris “Southern Hospitality”
  44. Tony Touch “The Piece Maker feat. Gang Starr”
  45. P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family “Let’s Get It feat. G-Dep & Black Rob”
  46. Ghostface Killah “Cherchez LaGhost feat. U-God (Heartbeat Remix)”
  47. Slum Village “Thelonius feat. Common”
  48. Mos Def “Oh No feat. Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg”
  49. Latyrx “Lady Don’t Tek No”
  50. Mystikal “Shake Ya Ass”
  51. Mystikal “Danger (Been So Long) feat. Nivea”
  52. DJ Quik “Well feat. Raphael Saadiq & AMG”
  53. Jay-Z “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) feat. Pharrell”
  54. The Rite Brothers “Thug Anthem 2000″
  55. Breez Evahflowin’ “Between Dah Seams”
  56. Redman “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club) feat. DJ Kool”
  57. Method Man “Even If”
  58. Jurassic 5 “Swing Set”
  59. Masters Of Illusion “The Bay-Bronx Bridge”
  60. Nas “You Owe Me feat. Ginuwine”
  61. Armand Van Helden “Full Moon feat. Common”
  62. Trina “Pull Over (Remix)”
  63. OutKast “B.O.B.”
  64. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz “Bia Bia feat. Chyna Whyte & Too Short”
  65. M.O.P. “Cold As Ice”
  66. Jewels “40 Bars”
  67. Jay-Z “Hey Papi feat. Memphis Bleek & Amil”
  68. Project Pat “Chickenhead”
  69. Trick Daddy “Shut Up”
  70. Cam’ron “What Means The World To You”
  71. Ludacris “What’s Your Fantasy feat. Shawnna & Sessy Melia”
  72. Three 6 Mafia “Sippin’ On Da Syrup feat. UGK & Project Pat”
  73. Drama “Left, Right, Left”
  74. OutKast “Gangsta Sh’t feat. Slim Cutta Calhoun, C-Bone & T-Mo”
  75. Miracle “We Ain’t Scared feat. Crucial Conflict”
  76. Erykah Badu “Didn’t Cha Know”