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Leah Piepgras- Pearl Necklace #2

FOR THE LADIES: Designer Leah Piepgras creates an accurate "pearl necklace"

Dorechester, MA- Used as a slang term, giving a girl a “pearl necklace” has been around for a long time, but you definitely wouldn’t normally wear it around on a night out on the town. So designer Leah Piepgras took it upon herself to create an accurate one. The blob shaped sterling silver piece is based off the real thing and retailing for $420 directly from her site.

Leah Piepgras- Pearl Necklace #1

As a guy, I get the reference and find humor/wit in this piece, but it begs the question, would any ladies really rock this piece as part of their day-to-day or is this a really expensive gag gift (no pun intended).