After 12 years in the game, The Root Down says goodbye to LA Hiphop Heads!

After 12 years, running what many considered to be the epicenter of LA hiphop culture events, The Root Down is finally saying “Peace & God Bless” and riding off into the Sunset…

According to their website:

Hey Hey Rootdown party people after 12 years rockin’ it steady solid in Los Angeles we are taking a break.To celebrate, this week December 17th, Rootdown’s own Music Man Miles is bringing the Breakestra back live onstage for one final thursday throwdown.We might even have some dj friends from the past years come through to drop a couple strictly vinyl records in the mix.

Please stay tuned to the websites for our next motion in 2010. Whatever it is will sho nuff be worth the wait.

We would not have lasted this long had it not been for all of you out there supporting whether past & present.We also would not have made these many nights happen without the love & help of our man Chuck Chilla with the talent coordination, Inkmaster Vince Fortunato with the flyer designs, Queen Vera on the web,Tina holdin down the gate & our street promo team Boss Bean, Luis & Adrian.On behalf of the Whole Rootdown Sound System-Music Man Miles, Loslito, Sloe Poke, Wyatt Case, Ervin, Expo, Jedi & of course DJ DUSK! We say WE’RE NOT DONE, WE’RE NOT DONE & Thank you Los Angeles for lettin’ us be ourself!

While I personally didn’t get out to the weekly events as much as I would have liked to, I can definitely attest to the quality of the events that I was in attendance for, and for the love that the loyal throngs of party-goers seemed to exude every time they walked thru the doors or made fond references to a particular event.

If you need proof of just how DOPE these parties were, check THIS out

So what’s next for the Root Down crew? Only time will tell, but we will be keeping an eye out for them to pop back up on the radar & when they do, we’ll be there to spread love (cuz it’s the Brooklyn way!!!).


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