SMASH (SD) with Survival (UK) and Stunna (CHI) (06.11)

San Diego- Once again Rubik Records, Pacific Foundation Radio, and Smash Dubs are back to present SMASH, their monthly event featuring the more soulful side of DnB at the Ruby Room.

This installment will feature the UK’s own Survival (Audio Tactics) & Bassdrive Radio’s host of the weekly show, “The Greenroom”- DJ Stunna, coming in from Chi-town alongside SD locals The Serum & Soulidify with MC Subliminal on mic duty.

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One thought on “SMASH (SD) with Survival (UK) and Stunna (CHI) (06.11)”

  1. Check out Stunna tonight at Upgrade DNB in Costa Mesa CA alongside DJ Sharps, Logikal, Whizard, and Blang! Big ups to a legendary producer and DJ.

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