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WODNB Sessions Invades SF! (03.18.11)

San Francisco- Tonight the streets are going to be shaking from the return of the Formation Records camp and Compression SF’s WODNB Sessions at Club Six.

The lineup is not the full on WODNB experience, but with SS, Bailey and Rollz alongside SF’s own badboy DJ’s 2Cents, Lukeino, Sharp, and The Heights and Colonel MC holding down the mic duties, Club Six will be throbbin’ well past closing time (4AM that is…)!

See everyone down there!

Twisted Individual, R.A.W., 12th Planet & more at Compression SF (05.21)

San Francisco- Compression SF and Rukkuz Muzik are back this month with an absolute BANGER of a lineup!

For the DnB heads, they’re bringing out Twisted Individual (Grid UK) along with OG West Coast bad boy DJ R.A.W. (Junglist Platoon LA) in the headline slots along with local faves 2Cents (Compression SF), Lukeino (Sublife Recs SF) and Noah (Primitive Science SF) & microphone support by none other than Colonel MC.

For the Dubsteppers, get ready for the Scion West Coast Dub invasion featuring 2 of my favorite DJs in the game, 12th Planet (SMOG LA) & 6Blocc (Lo Dubs LA)! If you’ve never seen these guys throw down in the showdown, then get ready for some seriously SICK dubplates and heavy duty party rockin’ selections from both of them. Local support provided by Knorsq (Bombadub LA), Pawn (SMOG LA/SF), Salokin (Rukkuz Muzik SF), Vinja (VinjaMusic.net SF) and mic support by Zezo One and MC Child.

You can get your pre-sales by visiting CompressionSF.com

Compression SF & Rukkuz Muzik present Original Sin, DJ Maniak, Cookie Monsta & more (04.16)

San Francisco- Local bad boys of bass, Compression SF & Rukkuz Muzik are back again to melt faces with a DnB & Dubstep lineup that only they can bring!

For the Junglists: 2009 DnB Awards Winner, Original Sin is headed to our stomping grounds alongside Canada’s DJ Maniak to drop some seriously heavy business on the 415. Local faves 2Cents, DJ Sharp, Colonel MC & Zezo One will be providing support for the evening.

For the Dubsteppers: 20 year old, UK-based dubstep rager, Cookie Monsta is also making a stop in SF as part of his US Tour to bring wobbly bits of bass to the Rukkuz Room along with Kutz (Big Up- UK) and Seven aka Eddie Woo and locals ATOS1 (Rukkuz Muzik), The Doctor (NorCal Nights, Primitive Science), Sam Supa (Surefire, Brap Dem) and MC Child handling mic duties.

From the event post:

Original Sin

Original Sin is the new production alias of Adam Tindall (one half of the now defunct Generation Dub/G Dub/Double Zero). Original Sin’s “Don’t Be Silly”, “D for Danger” and “Ra! (Original Sin Remix)” have helped him establish his individual production style. Two songs have been released under Adam’s second alias (Killa Hurt) on Frontline Records. In late 2009, Original sin released his first album ‘Grow Your Wings’ which was critically acclaimed by the likes of Grooverider and DJ Hype. In 2009 Original Sin was awarded Best New Artist in DNB awards… Thanks to these many acheivements. Original Sin has now become one of the leading names in the drum and bass scene.

DJ Maniak

Now he’s teamed up with his girl, DJ Maniak, who’s been rocking the Canadian seen for many years and now on the up and up with her production and DJ skills…”

If you haven’t already, you need to go out and get those pre-sales HERE and we’ll see everyone out there!

Miami WMC 2010 Wrap-up

Miami- PHEW! We made it once again through a week of beats, bass, lots of beer and plenty of bootyshaking good times! One thing was for certain this year, Dubstep is here to stay and the laundry list of events that we made it to is a testament of just that. From Smog vs. Basshead to Dubstep Massive to Dub & Bass 2 and every other event in between, the hard hitting wobbly goodness was pumping out of speakers at almost every venue as you walked down Collins.

Seeing B. Rich and Udachi just absolutely MURDER their sets at Dub & Bass 2 was probably the highlight of the dubstep sets that we got to see, with DZ coming in a close 2nd, hitting the dancefloor with drop after drop of bangin’ tracks. We hear that our friend 12th Planet takes the grand prize for his performance at the Annie Mac DJ party, but unfortunately we missed it, but if any of his past performances are any indicator, then I have no doubt that this holds true!

For all the Junglists- The World of Drum and Bass was by far the best DnB event of the conference, 3 rooms packed with fans of breakbeat culture across the spectrum. The lineup was packed with top notch DJs and MCs, but for us, the 2 standout sets of the night belong to the Digital Soundboy Artist Showcase featuring Shy FX, Breakage & B-traits holding it down on the UK side & 2Cents (DJ Aye~n & DJ Mal) from Compression SF representing the best of the Stateside movement.

We wanted to make it out to Smog Vs. Basshead, Future Sound of Breaks, Techosluts, Bang! Bang! & a ton of other events, but unfortunately couldn’t cover the events and juggle performance schedules, so if any of you out there have reviews/details you think we should include from any of the events from this year’s WMC, please shoot us a note: info@basslinerumble.com

Compression SF with Bryan Gee, Danny Wildchild, Trillbass + more (02.19)

San Francisco- The local bad boys of bass, Compression SF are back this month with another installment of face-melting good times over at 103 Harriett!




Holy f***ing shiite, it’s the DUKE of drum and bass, BRYAN GEE. As head honcho of V RECORDINGS, BRYAN GEE discovered and signed everyone from RONI SIZE to KRUST to DJ DIE to DJ MARKY from Brazil.

As a DJ, though, GEE proves time and again that nobody DJs drum and bass as well as him. The man is a motherf**king drum and bass WIZARD. A larger-than-life, stoned to the bejeesus belt, upside-down NINJA of ultimate bass funkification. And just like he’s been rocking his legendary London club night MOVEMENT for the last decade, GEE is coming to COMPRESSION once again to remind everyone of just how that sh*it is done.

Check out a blistering recent live set from BRYAN GEE here:


Or peep out a mix of V RECORDINGS classics, performed here on Grooverider’s radio show a few months back
(at a little after the hour mark): http://depositfiles.com/en/files/jz0wy9uix



COMPRESSION also welcomes back resident DANNY THE WILDCHILD. Another drum & bass legend, the WILDCHILD has been rocking stateside audiences like a hurricane for well over 15 years. Chopping, scratching, flipping and otherwise FUNKING UP the turntables in ways you never thought possible, the WILDCHILD takes the bouncingest tracks you ever heard and bounces them harder.

Like BRYAN GEE, the WILDCHILD is only ever aimed at rocking the dancefloor. So limber up! This night is going to work your shit out!

Get at DANNY the WILDCHILD’S classic “JUNGLE BOOK” mix here:

Also on the night are COMPRESSION resident badasses 2 CENTS, LUKEINO, MC AX!OM and THE COLONEL MC.

And check it: this is the Colonel’s first night back after a three-month hiatus with his new baby girl, so look for that man to lose his mind and RIP SH*T UP!



We bring you bass warrior, SWYTCH of TRILLBASS. His mission is to rock a party with SUPER BASS. Swytch is just one of the four members of the crew that has defined a new sound in the world of Dubstep for the past few years.

With releases on labels all over the world, Including Rottun Recordings (Can), Shift Recordings (U.S), Ruff Records (France), Code of Arms (U.S) and their own ‘Trillbass Records’ Vinyl label, This crew continues to push their futuristic take on the dubstep genre to the basshead masses worldwide. Alongside a large collection of Digital releases and mixtapes, they continue to be known for their dirty bass, impeccable production, and incredible live shows.



Just to kick it up a notch Rukkuz is also bringing out MARK INSTINCT- Who is touring the US this year and bringing Solid Basslines to every event..The release “Sketchy Maxx” was in Digital Tunes and Trackitdown top 10 for 3 weeks running. It has since been remixed by the likes of Emu, Pawn, Richie August, RSK, Kellydean, Trillbass + more!

Having been signed to Aufect, Rottun and Betamorph Recordings for a load of forthcoming material, as well as an EP on Shift and an album on Trillbass, I’m sure you’ll be seeing this name all over the place soon. To top this, Enough of the chat, time to get your bassbins pumpin.

Also to make sure Rukkuz is pushing the speakers in 103 harriet SYMBL aka Arsenic from Evol Intent is gonna be dropping BOMBS that night as well. Dubstep’s gnarly producer Symbl has the knowledge of sub-bass and homicidal basslines, Symbl has been given multiple releases on Trill Bass and other top shelf dubstep labels.

Then we add the local heavy low end of NTRLD (Rukkuz, Badman Press, BrapDem), COMPRESSION’S own DJ IVRY with MC Child and Enhale on the MIC?!?!?!?!

The Rukkuz room is guaranteed to bring that bump to move your gurls rump.


COMPRESSION’s own DJ HAVOC will join DJ MEASURES and friends for that perfect in-between butt-shaking funk. Hip-hop to bassline and house music to B-more, the Get-Sexy room remains the place to grab a drink, grab a spot on the floor and then grab some ASS. HEYO!!






EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to capture Bryan Gee’s set in our photos. We deeply apologize for this and hope to avoid this in the future, but hope you enjoy what we WERE able to capture for you.

SubLife Recs bringing Calculon, Dubsworth & more to Triple Crown (02.25)

San Francisco- With the New Year in full swing and a ton of new energy coursing through the veins of dancefloors across America, the SF DnB scene is back in effect with a vengeance!

Helping keep that momentum high, SubLife Recordings is coming back with another installment of their monthly series at The Triple Crown, this time to celebrate the latest release from San Diego’s own DJ Calculon- “Tunnel Vision” (SBLF004).

Check out this lineup!


If you like a little quality with your DnB, be sure to follow SubLife on Twitter @SublifeRecs!

You can also follow us on Twitter @BasslineRumble, so be sure to spread the word & we’ll see everyone out there!

Editor’s Note: Here’s the latest pics, hope you enjoy! All photos courtesy of Kendra c/o BasslineRumble.com

Rhythm Method back for V-day lovin’ at Project One (02.14)

San Francisco- Local party faves, Rhythm Method are back from a long hiatus to bring SF a night of bass, vibes & love, just in time for Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

West Coast bad boy DJ’s 2Cents (DJ Aye-n & DJ Mal from Compression SF) are headlining the event alongside SubLife Recordings head Lukeino, DJ M, Rukkuz Muzik’s DJ Salokin & Hadji, with Rhythm Method’s own Zakku opening up the night.

So send your love with a box of roses & whole lotta BASS Sunday Night!