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MIXTAPE MADNESS: DJ Unison feat DENT- Greatest Songs You Never Heard


For those of you that don’t know, I got my start as a battle MC back in Colorado in the early ’90′s and during that time, there was one name that was synonymous with dope MCs, and that name was and still is Rhyme Skwadrun. We were a spin-off crew of the Lordz of Finesse and Radiobums crews that were running the Mile High hiphop scene during that era.

For heads in the Denver metro area, one of the Rhyme Skwadrun MCs, DENT is one of the more prolific MCs around and is known for holding it down from cyphers to the booth.

Denver’s DJ Unison got together with DENT and rocked out a banger of a mix tape, “Greatest Songs You Never Heard“- an hour of pure, unadulterated hiphop. If you’re a fan of the Rawkus 50, Mos Def, Brooklyn Academy, The Lyricist Lounge, etc., then you definitely need to check this mix out.

DENT- Greatest Songs You Never Heard by DjUnison

Sea of Dreams NYE 2010- Ozomatli, Bassnectar, Glitch Mob & more!

When: Thursday, December 31, 2009 from 9pm-5am
The Concourse Center, 635 8th Street, San Francisco
General info:
anonEvents, Sunset Promotions, an-ten-nae presents
Press contact:
Kelly Edwards, press@sunsetpromotions.net
Sponsorship info:
Admissions: 18+ Admitted

Artists include:

In their fourteen years together as a band, celebrated Los Angeles culture-mashers Ozomatli have gone from being hometown heroes to being named U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassadors. Ozomatli has always … More >

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Jason Hann and Michael Travis (percussionist and drummer from the band The String Cheese Incident) make up this 100% improvised live Breakbeat/ House/ Drum ‘n Bass/ Trip-Hop project. Drawing from the ethos of … More >

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An-ten-nae is one of San Francisco’s most sought after DJs and live performers. After years of production ranging from electronica to breaks to dubstep, he has developed his signature “Acid Crunk” sound, … More >

As of now I love down and dirty hip hop… acid / crunk hop…..bassy, glitched out mid-tempo that makes no sense – deep, dark mind twisting tech house – sassy ass electro, flattening, melodic dub step, rich … More >

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Sea of Dreams was born of the Circus! Every year since its inception, the event has been graced with great circus, performance and cabaret talent. This year.. our tenth, will be no exception. CIRQULARIOUS!, … More >

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eka.boo.button is a playful spirit who dreams of forever viewing the world through the eyes of a child. She adores living her life in reverie while curiously dancing on suspended silks, ropes, hoops, and peg … More >

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