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The Roots cover J.Dilla’s best beats, get your copy here!

The Roots= DOPE! J.Dilla (R.I.P.)= DOPE! Put ‘em together and you have quite possibly the closest thing to hiphop perfection that ever existed. I don’t even remember how I found this link, but the folks over at The Soul Dojo get the nod! ?uestlove did his thing with these, honestly, I can’t find the words to write how DOPE this collection of beats is, but if you love hiphop, this is a MUST-HAVE in any collection.


01. Donuts (Outro)
02. Hot Shit (I’m Back!)
03. World Full Of Sadness
04. Upper Egypt
05. Stereolab
06. The Stars
07. Antiquity
08. She Said
09. Hall & Oates
10. Eve
11. Look Into Her Eyes
12. Make Em NV
13. Oh! O!
14. Wicked Ways