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MIXTAPE MADNESS: Heavyweight Division presents “Round 1″

Brooklyn, NY- Dave Gee and MC Diggadee have teamed up to form Heavy Weight Division and bring you “Round 1.” While they are known to perform together live, this is the first official mix from these partners in grime.  “Round 1″ is a high speed ride through a dark world of bass and powerful beats.  It consists of various unreleased tracks from some of the genres most prolific producers as well as the Cops remix by Dave Gee & Trigon ft. DZ.

The DJ/MC Dubstep duo have had a busy year between playing dozens of shows up and down the East Coast including Winter Music Conference and Starscape and making their way out to Puerto Rico and Paris in the last several months but when they’re at home in Brooklyn, they hold down a residency at Brooklyn’s premier dubstep monthly, Dark Room.

Heavy Weight Division Round 1 by Dave GEE & MC Diggadee

With residencies at Dark Room and Dub Nation, original tunes in the works, and a rapidly growing show schedule, this is an act to keep an eye on heading into the new year.

BasslineRumble 2010 Spring Compilation

Spring is almost here and BASSLINES are in the air.

As a “Thank You” to all of you out there that have helped spread love of breakbeat culture in North America, BasslineRumble is planning on releasing a FREE!! Promo Mix just in time for Miami’s Winter Music Conference & Spring Break 2010, so that you have something bumpin’ in your ride with the windows down as the sunshine beams down on ya!

The compilation will be split 3 ways between DnB, Dubstep and Electro, so Labels/DJs/Producers/Artists that are interested in being a part of this, need to contact us ASAP with 320 Mp3s of your work (or links to SoundCloud downloads) with a quick bio/links to your site & contact information.

SoundCloud DropBox: http://soundcloud.com/basslinerumble/dropbox


If we like what you send us, we’ll be in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is restricted to artists/producers that reside within North America!

This will be a FREE promo mix giveaway, but it’s an awesome chance to be a part of our family and spread your tunes to heads that might not otherwise find your music.

The top picks will receive the following:

  • Artist Feature page on BasslineRumble.com with your tune & links to your MySpace, FB or other website
  • Heavy Promotion from the BasslineRumble.com Marketing & Street Teams
  • Our undying love & respect for you taking time to help support us!


Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

For many of us, the 00′s was the decade that many of us made the transition from adolescence to young adults with real life slapping us awake every chance it got. It was also a decade of emotional roller coasters, from the  lows of the election debacle between GWB and Al Gore & the tragedies of 9/11 plus 2 wars that followed (that we are still neck deep in!) to the highs last year in seeing our nation’s first black President getting elected to the almost unanimous cries of “YES WE CAN”!

Politics & world issues aside, music across the spectrum has seen its share of high & low points as well and dance music is no exception. File sharing changed the way we can access music and shook the business models of the music industry to the core. We saw major artists like Radiohead and Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails try their hand at “fair market value” releases, with mixed results (I personally would kill to get all of that demographic and web data to see where the trends & sweet spots lie..).

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