Flashback Friday: Goldie rockin the spray cans

Most folks outside of the UK only know Goldie as the bad boy DnB DJ,  head of Metalheadz or maybe have possibly seen him in a movie or two. Those in the know however, can point to many places throughout the UK where Goldie’s influence of art, design & music was felt long before Jungle/Dnb ever had come to be…

By 1986, he was involved with breakdancing crews around his home of Wolverhampton; after making several trips to London for all-day breakdancing events (and to see hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa), Goldie appeared in the English documentary on graffiti art called Bombing. He is also mentioned for his graffiti in the book Spraycan Art by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff, which contains several samples of his art.

If you really want to doubt the skills, check out these flicks that our friend MC Tez One from Bulletproof SD dug up for our enjoyment…

Goldie Global Destruction 1987

Goldie 1988

Goldie Lost in Space on Wolverhamptons Heath town estate 1986

Goldie & Birdy Heathtown 1986

Goldie Bridlington Graff Jam

Goldie Future Worlds

Goldie Public Enemy
York Graff Jam UK
1988..unfinished as 5.0 shut the jam down cause of taggers getting wild. :)

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