Official DnB Remix for Major Lazer "Cash Flow" available now!

Last winter, I had started hearing buzz that electro-indie tastemaker Diplo was getting ready to team up with legendary UK producer Switch, to form a “supergroup” of sorts and were getting ready to drop a reggae album.

Flash forward to this Summer and the Major Lazer LP “Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do!” dropped. Featuring guest appearances from Santogold, Mr. Lexx, Vybes Kartel, Jahdan Blakkamore and many other Jamaican dancehall artists, combining dancehall lyrics & the signature sounds from the Mad Decent / Dubsided camps and hitting the masses with what some considered to be the most original LP of 2009.

The lead off single, “Hold The Line” proved to be one of the year’s most heavily remixed tunes (outside of Deadmau5′s “I’ll Remember” and a couple of others), and this really got remixers around the world fired up to get their hands on more of the material to make it accessible to their core audiences.

Fortunately for myself and the production team I work with, we were able to reach out to Diplo & Major Lazer and got granted access to “Hold The Line” as well as a lesser known track off the LP called “Cash Flow” featuring Jahdan Blakkamore.

Jahdan has quickly been building a name for himself throughout the US and abroad in both the dancehall & indie hiphop circles with the release of his much anticipated debut “Buzzrock Warrior” in September of this year.

The blend of his roots reggae voice with the beats off the Major Lazer LP had us dying to get ahold of this one, so without further ado, here’s the OFFICIAL DnB remix of Major Lazer- “Cash Flow” featuring Jahdan Blakkamore:

Major Lazer- “Cash Flow” feat Jahdan Blakkamore (Official DnB Remix) by 2Cents & Zezo One

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