Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

For many of us, the 00′s was the decade that many of us made the transition from adolescence to young adults with real life slapping us awake every chance it got. It was also a decade of emotional roller coasters, from theĀ  lows of the election debacle between GWB and Al Gore & the tragedies of 9/11 plus 2 wars that followed (that we are still neck deep in!) to the highs last year in seeing our nation’s first black President getting elected to the almost unanimous cries of “YES WE CAN”!

Politics & world issues aside, music across the spectrum has seen its share of high & low points as well and dance music is no exception. File sharing changed the way we can access music and shook the business models of the music industry to the core. We saw major artists like Radiohead and Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails try their hand at “fair market value” releases, with mixed results (I personally would kill to get all of that demographic and web data to see where the trends & sweet spots lie..).

Underground music also saw some HUGE bumps in popularity, with releases from Deadmau5, MSTRKFT, Chase & Status, 12th Planet, Rusko, and others catching the attention of major label artists all dying to get their hands on the freshest sounds and the resulting collaborations turning ripples into tsunamis on the international dance music charts.

2009 was a year that saw a lot of new sounds and a continual mashing of genres breaking out on dance floors across America and worldwide, with US DJ’s & Producers really putting their stamp on things, from Reid Speed’s electro-rager “Fang Banger” to Philly’s own Diplo with his ever-growing remix catalog (and even more notably, his collaboration with Switch for the Major Lazer LP) and most recently, SoCal’s Heavy Hittahz winning top marks in the Grid “Gusset Gravy” remix contest.

2010 looks to continue to build on this momentum, and the staff here at are stoked to see what stars rise and fall in the coming months. Next big one for us is going to be the annual Miami Madness otherwise known as The Winter Music Conference, so stay tuned as we get closer to March!

No matter where you are tonight, we hope you bang in 2010 safely & no matter what your dreams or aspirations in life may be, always remember- you reap what you sow…so get your asses out there and put in work!

If you’re in the SF/Bay Area tonight, the family over at SubLife Recordings are hosting an invite-only DnB/Dubstep soiree featuring a slew of SF’s own, so if you’re in the ‘hood, RSVP at INFO@SUBLIFERECORDINGS.COM and we’ll see you there!

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